Cathy Griffeth Weiss Lake Alabama

Lake Weiss Alabama Real Estate Services Advertising Disclosure

At Real Estate Services we take transparency seriously.

To that end, you should know that some of the advertisement you may see on our Website is paid for by the vendor.

Other than the advertising fee, LWARES do not receive any type of referral fee or any other type of compensation from any vendors. Advertisers do not determine their advertising position on or any other site associated with LWARES.  LWARES does not recommend any particular vendor for any particular service, the paid advertisement is strictly to provide you, the consumer, with an opportunity to explore the services offered by vendors.

LWARES advertising program has been reviewed and approved by the Alabama Real Estate Commission. 
LWARES believes that it is important for Vendors to advertise their services so that the consumer can compare the services, price and associated benefits offered.
LWARES believes that it is in the best interest of both buyers, sellers and the real estate industry to allow advertisement.   It is important for sellers to know that buyers have access to services that will help them during the due diligence portion of the home purchase.  It is important for buyers to know that their realtor has vetted advertisers and found them to be worthy of consideration.  It is important for the industry in that the relationship between all parties is transparent and that no money in the form of kickbacks are received without full disclosure.
LWARES believes that the text in a disclosure should be large enough for the consumer to read.